Our Dysphagia Services

Currently the only mobile FEES practice in the Albuquerque Metro Area, owned by a Speech Language Pathologist experienced in dysphagia diagnostics and treatment.

This procedure reduces costs to the facility in comparison to videoflouroscopic evaluation of swallowing.  Additionally, a responsive approach to patient scheduling will save the facility time and money.

Our services include on-site instrumental swallowing studies (FEES). We offer patient and caregiver education and educational opportunities for staff members.

We approach each patient as an individual with unique needs. To guide us in making the best possible recommendations, we begin every evaluation with a thorough chart review in order to obtain a complete history including the patient’s:

• Swallowing function

• Pulmonary function

• Allergies

• GI function

• Mobility

• Oral Hygiene

• Medications

• Comorbidities

• Quality of Life

We offer in-service education in our contracted facilities on a variety of topics including:

• Normal Swallow Function

• Dysphagia

• Oral Care

• Xerostomia

• Reflux